New Delhi,On this year’s commemorative Gandhi Jayanticelebration on October 2nd, Discovery Channel presents to its discerning viewers withan exclusive journey insidethe majesticRashtrapatiBhavan.

REVEALED: RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN will be showcased only on Discovery Channel on October 2ndat 9 pm and a special repeat at 11 pm.

Discovery Channel brings this amusing program in sync with the pro national sentiments rampant on Gandhi Jayanti. The program captures the story ofRashtrapatiBhavan amazingly from its conception to its completion and the changes undergone as the home of the Respected President of India.The triumphant, RashtrapatiBhavan, is amongst the largest presidential estates of the world, was the heart of the British plan for a new imperial capital.


REVEALED: RASHTRAPATI BHAVANchart the historyof this building on two parallels. One story follows the shift of capital and the efforts of Edwin Landseer Lutyens as the architect of this house whilethe other takes viewers through the sprawling palace and its magnificent rooms. Every element in the RashtrapatiBhavan has evolved over the past eight decades where the building has witnessed the transition from anImperial occupation to being the home of the head of the largest democracy in the world.


The palatial residence is an extended expression of architect Edward Lutyen’s passion and finesse. From the most spectacular room in the palace, Ashoka Hall, to the Dwaraka Suite now used for serving the State guests — this exclusive insight into the President’s House answers a spectrum of questions on what lies behind the high gates. The programmealso brings to light the design of the residence, the creative culinary quotient as well as the history and intense security.


REVEALED: RASHTRAPATI BHAVANhas been specially produced for Discovery Channel by AIM Television.




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