Kybella is the first FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that eliminates double chin permanently

Beverly Hills, California — May 5, 2016
Rand Rusher, R.N., of RR Aesthetics, a medical aesthetics practice located in Beverly Hills, CA, joins eHealth Radio Network host Eric Michaels to talk about Kybella, the newest double chin treatment. In the podcast, Rusher discusses Kybella and answers some of the most common questions about this revolutionary treatment.

According to Rusher, double chins are notoriously difficult to remove because this fatty area of the body typically does not respond to exercising and dieting. Before Kybella, one of the traditional treatments for double chins is plastic surgery.

Kybella is the first FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for double chin. The product is made with deoxycholic acid, a compound that occurs naturally in the body. Deoxycholic acid works by seeking and destroying fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues.  Once destroyed, Kybella leaves the skin defined and smooth.

The injectable works deep in the tissues to eliminate the root cause of double chin and requires zero downtime with effective, long-lasting results. However, it can take several sessions to achieve optimal results. Because administering the product requires specialized skills, Kybella should only be conducted by a certified health professional.

To help listeners make the best informed decision, Rusher outlined the important factors to consider before having a Kybella treatment. In the six-minute interview, Rusher gives a brief overview of Kybella, including the best candidates for this first-in-class product. He also described how to conduct the treatment and an estimate of treatments needed to achieve the desired results. Rusher also revealed the side effects associated with Kybella and other uses of the treatment. You can listen to the rest of the interview here.

Kybella is the most effective treatment for double chin. If you have questions about this treatment or you would like to try out Kybella for yourself, book a consultation at the RR Aesthetics today. Call (310) 275-7263 or visit for more information.

Rand Rusher, R.N. and board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Leif Rogers, are well known for their groundbreaking treatments including laser therapies, and non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatments.

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