Dr John Blucker announces the 36th anniversary of Cucamonga Chiropractic Center. The Center is open 365 days andDr Blucker personally treats patients 7 days a week.

After graduating with honors from the Los Angeles Chiropractic School, Dr. John Blucker opened his practice on Archibald Avenue thirty six years ago. His office was the first in the Rancho Cucamonga area.

Dr. Blucker states “There have been two key elements to the success of Cucamonga Chiropractic. Focus on the patient and relieve their pain as soon as possible. After all, pain is the reason the patient comes to the center in the first place.”

One patient who wished to remain anonymous stated “While I was waiting in the reception area a lady came in a wheelchair because she was in pain and had difficulty walking. About ten minutes later she WALKED out pushing the wheelchair with smile of relief on her face.”

Dr. Blucker continues, “Pain never takes a day off and neither do we. That’s why we are open 365 days a year. I am at the center every day including all the major holidays to personally treat every patient.”

“My practice is personal and hands-on. This approach offers my patients the best opportunity for pain relief.”

Today the public’s knowledge of what chiropractic can achieve has drastically increased and improved. More and more chiropractic centers opened throughout the area, some with several chiropractors on staff.

Chiropractic is not intended to replace general medicine. It should be considered a very viable and holistic solution to a majority of pain in the back and limbs.

Dr. Blucker offers free consultations to discuss patient issues and treatment plans. Walk ins are welcome and insurance is accepted.

“Are my philosophies and treatment methods successful? They must be! My entire practice has been built on patient referrals,” concludes Dr. Blucker.

Cucamonga Chiropractic Center is located at 9211 Archibald Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, just north of 6th Street opposite the Christmas House. For hours or more information please click Cucamonga Chiropractic Center(www.cucamongachiropractic.com) or call 909-980-4954

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