May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month and ABC Compounding Encourages community members to get involved. What better way to celebrate this than researching any new, innovative ways that your company takes care of your health? One easy approach to doing this is to review your health plan and see if it includes specialized care. Ralph‘s employees can now use there Ralphs insurance at ABC Compounding Pharmacy, because ABC Compounding Pharmacy has been added to the list of pharmacies from which you can receive Compounded medications!

ABC Compounding Pharmacy is your one-stop shop for all your pharmaceutical needs. Whether you are in need of over-the-counter medicines, or you need a specific prescription tailored to your unique needs, ABC Compounding Pharmacy is the place where you can count on unbelievable customer service at reasonable prices. Stop by today and be blown away by the San Fernando Valley‘s premiere compounding pharmacy. You are in great hands with ABC Compounding Pharmacy‘s expert staff of knowledgeable pharmacists. They believe that patients come first and continually work to provide an excellent pharmacy experience.

What is compounding? These state-of-the-art pharmacies are equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies. Traditional administration of medicines does not work for all people. Compounding is an innovative way to deliver the medications you depend on in ways that are palatable. Patients can look forward to receiving their medicines in the form of tasty lollipops or elixirs, just to name a few. Additionally, pharmacists at ABC Compounding Pharmacy can tailor your medications if you require specific doses or have a sensitivity to synthetic ingredients. Patient happiness is ABC Compounding Pharmacy‘s main priority. The pharmacists know that a person‘s health is of the utmost importance to their quality of life, so they take pride in providing the most comprehensive attention to detail in these matters.

ABC Compounding Pharmacy is Encino‘s finest place for medicine, both over-the-counter and prescribed. The staff of professionals is readily available to answer any questions you might have. Like ABC Compounding Pharmacy on Facebook and receive the latest news and trends in the medical community. By being a part of the ABC Compounding Pharmacy community, you will qualify for special offers, discounts, and more! You can also follow the pharmacy on Twitter and check out their YouTube channel.

Check to see if your healthcare plan includes ABC Compounding‘s services. Ralph‘s employees are now one of many companies able to utilize their health insurance at ABC Compounding, when Ralph‘s Employees prescriptions require compound, ABC Compounding is here to help. This month, take extra steps to be sure you are getting the best care your employer provides.

ABC Compounding Pharmacy is located in Encino, California. Open everyday Monday- Friday 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM. Check out the website for more information.

16311 Ventura Blvd.
San Fernando Valley, CA 91436