28, September 2015: One of the great injustices is the lack of resources for veterans, active service members and their immediate families who find themselves facing significant challenges as they adjust to life in the civilian world. This can lead to homelessness, or other living issues which can be next to impossible to overcome without help. In Iowa, until recently, this kind of assistance was nearly nonexistent. HUD-VASH, the Veterans Administration program to end homelessness, has proven to be ill-equipped to handle the numbers of homeless veterans and there are simply, too many to help. Other organizations, usually funded by local and federal monies, mix veterans with other homeless populations and have neither facilities nor staff to meet the very specific needs of our veterans.

Rally Point Cedar Valley Veterans, is a non-profit recently launched with the mission of empowering veterans to become financially self-sufficient by providing safe, transitional housing for active duty service members, veterans and their family members. Rally Point CVV operates LZ Phoenix, Iowa’s only transitional shelter that caters specifically to members or prior members of the armed forces and allows family members to remain with the veteran throughout the rehousing process. Additionally, homeless veterans’ only connection to another may be through a dog or cat and LZ Phoenix is equipped to allow our veterans to remain with them as they transition to self-sufficiency.

The organization has announced they will be officially “cutting the ribbon” for their launch on October 17th, 11:00 am at 420 16th St. NW in Waverly, Iowa with an invitation for community members to attend. Lunch and desserts will be available for a free will donation. Excitement surrounding the grand opening is high.

“We couldn't be more excited about our official grand opening and launch,” commented Neal Jarnagin, Executive Director of Rally Point Cedar Valley Veterans. “We know how great the need is for the work we’re doing and it's very clear it can save people's lives. After people have served their country it's important they receive the help they need to get their lives back in order, in a caring and positive way.”

According to Rally Point CVV, members and prior members of the armed forces and their families are able to stay in the shelter for up to 90 days, while the organization provides them with the valuable time necessary to get their lives back on track. Rally Point CVV works closely with other agencies in the region that provides permanent housing solutions; meets food, clothing and health care needs; provides substance abuse treatment, and aids with transportation. All of these things can be clearly invaluable to a member of the armed forces, former member and their families.

For those not able to attend the grand opening, the non-profit organization encourages them to help with donations, large or small to make their much-needed work possible. Details can be found by contacting Rally Point Cedar Valley Veterans.

For more information on the .org and their work or to help, be sure to visit https://www.rallypointcvv.org or call (515) 999-5699.