Based out of Hyderabad, India, Raj Consultants is the ultimate destination for students who would like the much needed guidance and assistance in their quest to study medicine in abroad.

May 01, 2015 — Raj Consultants is easily one of the best and most trustworthy overseas education consultants in the country. They have extensive knowledge about the education market in international countries and based on the needs and vision of the students, they match them with an MBBS or other medicine program in a country that would work best for them.

The entire process of shaping the student’s careers is undertaken by them in the most effective manner. They brainstorm students to know exactly what it is that they would like to do in their careers and accordingly, suggest a list of high ranking universities that will help them meet their career goals. Their work does not stop there. They also look after the visa formalities to ensure that the entire admission process goes about in the smoothest possible manner.
Initially, Raj Consultants catered only to those students who wished to complete their MBBS degree in the China and Philippines. However, with growing demand from students and their increasing popularity among them, they decided to expand and now offer consultation and career counselling to students who wish to study Caribbean Islands (Central America).

Their 20,000+ success stories are proof of the fact that they do a commendable job in shaping the lives of the students and forging successful careers for them. They have been extending their support to students and helping them realize their dreams since 1992.

One of the features of Raj Consultants that differentiates it from the rest is the fact that they make the counselling process extremely interactive. They enable students to speak to the administrative staff at the concerned university through video chats so that they can get all their doubts cleared and have a clear focus on which university would suit them best.

Raj Consultants is an AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) certified agent and they also boast of other accreditations like NAFSA, ICEF and ISO making it a trustworthy and reliable partner for students on their road to success.

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