Cedaredge, CO ( Freepressrelease ) November 10, 2009 - Located in the western slopes of Colorado, Grand Mesa Alpacas (http://www.grandmesaalpacas.com) raises and sells premium high quality alpacas that are excellent providers of fleece (http://www.grandmesaalpacas.com) and serve as a great addition to any herd. There are many benefits to raising Alpacas compared to other livestock. Alpacas are more environmentally friendly then traditional livestock, they are fairly low maintenance, and they offer a great tax benefit.

Alpacas are extremely resourceful and environmentally friendly, their fibers can be used to create blankets, scarf‘s, gloves, sweaters, teddy bears, etc. and are generally warmer then wool (http://www.grandmesaalpacas.com) or synthetics such as nylon and polyester. Alpaca fiber grows yearly and comes in 22 different colors reducing the need for toxic dyes that harm the environment. Furthermore little detergent is necessary when processing alpaca fiber compared to processing of sheep‘s wool.

Alpacas are low maintenance compared to other livestock. Alpacas enjoy an average life span of about twenty years. This is twice as long as sheep and cattle allowing them to provide twice as many resources over their lifetime and eliminate the need to continually breed. The upkeep of an alpaca is fairly simple as they only require nail and teeth trimming every 6-12 months and annual shearing. Indigenous to harsh climates and environments alpacas have adapted many skills necessary to survive and require little veterinarian visits and minimal predatory fencing.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to owning Alpacas is the tax benefit that owning Alpacas offers. If Alpacas are raised for profit all the expenses incurred can be written off against your income. You can also write off 100% of your original purchase of the alpaca herd up to $250k.

Alpacas are great animals to raise and offer many benefits, Grand Mesa Alpacas offers potential investors the opportunity to live the Alpaca herding lifestyle firsthand. Through their Rancher for a day program potential investors enjoy a chance to experience the beautiful setting of Colorado and learn the lifestyle of these marvelous creatures.

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