The pears of Rosh Pina are known to be the finest on the market, in appearance and in taste. The Rafkor cooling and packing house — owned by the farmers of Rosh Pina, has been marketing these pears consistently for 40 years and in fact dominates 35% of the pear market in Israel. At the Fresh AgroMashov exhibition the company will present its finest produce.

The home of Israeli pears: Rosh Pina pears are recognized as the best on the market for their appearance and taste. The Rafkor cooling and packing house - which belongs to the farmers of Rosh Pina has been marketing these pears and other choice fruits consistently for the last 40 years through chain market agents across the country and in fact they dominate 35% of the pear market in Israel.

The farmers of Rosh Pina are advanced farmers who grow pears, plums, apricots and other fruits which meet the stringent international standards required for export.

Rosh Pina is one of the oldest settlements in Israel. In fact the settlement's agriculture has existed since 1882. For many years the farmers used the services of the packing company in Kiryat Shmona until at some point it was decided to establish an independent packing house.

The beginnings were modest and the packing house held up to 800 tons of fruit. Today after many expansions and renovations Rafkor has a freezing area for holding 7,000 tons and the company markets 18 to 20 thousand tons of fruit a year.

The fruit most identifiable with Rafkor is the pear which makes up 50% of the total business. "The Rafkor Pear" says Gruner Benbenishti, CEO of the company " is considered the best and most beautiful pear in Israel and the brand Rafkor is known by many grocers and fruit agents." Rafkor markets the two main varieties of pear in Israel, the Spadona, which makes up 70% - 80% of the sales and the Costia which makes up 20% - 30% of the sales.

The Fresh AgroMashov exhibition will be held at the Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds on the 11 — 12 of June. Here Rafkor will present the finest produce marketed by the company.

The Fresh AgroMashov 2013 exhibition was started on the initiative of the "Mashov" group — which also stands behind the Cleantech exhibition and the agricultural magazine Mashov. The exhibition will take place on the 12 -11 June 2013 at the Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds, and is expected to welcome 20,000 visitors, among them tens of organization representatives, investors and major players in the field of agriculture from around the world. The exhibition is the only one in Israel which brings together the growers of agricultural produce, buyers, agents and marketers from Israel and internationally.

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