(Free Press Release) Orange, California March [21], 2011 Cross-platform radio advertising has been reinvented for the 21st century, according to Steve Pollak, Media Strategist and Founder of the explosive, nuclear-powered team at RadioActive Media. With a century of collective advertising experience in radio, TV and print, RadioActive Media hasn‘t watched change happen. They have been a driving force creating competitive strategies that start with local radio advertising and include multi-partner opportunities through leaders in the satellite and terrestrial markets.

“Reaching millions of weekly listeners is no problem when your ad is read by Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and today‘s most controversial talk-radio hosts,” explained Pollak. “But the real difference is our ability to successfully combine long form advertising with non-traditional concepts, so your local radio advertising doesn‘t sound like an infomercial.”

RadioActive Media is setting new standards for multi-channel campaigns that utilize direct response RadioText Message technology as well as local radio advertising to help you reach targeted consumers.

Visit www.radioactivemedia.net or call 1-800-559-RADIO to see what RadioActive Media can do for your radio advertising campaign.

About Radio Active Media :

RadioActive Media, LLC was founded in September of 2008 in Orange, California.RadioActive Media collectively has over 100 years of experience in “Radio”, “Social Marketing”, “Creative”, “Business Ownership” and “Business Marketing”. RadioActive Media is a radio advertising agency providing the following services: Radio Media Buying & Planning,Creative Script Writing,Radio Commercial Production,In Depth Tracking and Analysis of Results for Maximum Return,Innovative Strategic Promotional Development,Development of Long Form Radio Programming .Contact us today and let us turn our passion into your profit.

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