29, July 2015: Rabbit eShop proudly offers the newest ceramic knife set on Amazon.com. The said company launched this Ceramic Knife Set as its newest product, which is made of carefully selected materials.

Rabbit eShop said that their newest product comes in a package containing 4 kitchen ceramic knives, which are made using environment-friendly materials. The company also guarantees the sharpness of each of the knives, which are made of non-stainless steel. Rabbit eShop stands sincere in its promise to provide premium quality products with its newest product that can be given as a gift set. The 4 knives come in a handy package with a free elastic cutting board.

Rabbit eShop also revealed the materials used in the making of its product. Each of the knives is made of a durable Zirconium ceramic blade, offering précise cutting. Each piece is also equipped with handles that are all ergonomically designed to provide comfort as well as ease during use. The ceramic knife is also found to be non-reactive with food, acids and oils. Rabbit eShop claims that their product helps to maintain the authentic taste as well as the color of the foods. Customers will find that each of knives comes with a handle in a different color, permitting color coding to assist in separating the knives right away and also to minimize the possibility for food cross-contamination. The company also revealed that their product is not oxidized and it has no metal taste. The knives are made to be resistant from rust. Rabbit eShop has outlined some benefits as to why people should choose ceramic knives. They said that these knives are more hygienic as compared to steel and they do not corrode in harsh environments. They are also non-magnetic. Ceramic knives, such as the product offered by Rabbit eShop, help to keep bacteria and germs away, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of food. These knives are also good to be used when cutting boneless meats, veggies, fruits and bread.

Rabbit eShop also added that this gift set comes with a paring knife, a fruit knife, a utility knife and also a chef knife. It is now available on Amazon.com andsold at a discounted introductory price.

Rabbit eShop is the seller and manufacturer of the newest ceramic knives set available at Amazon.com. This company mainly specializes in supplying the market with products required by most homeowners.

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