United States of America; 21, April 2015: Nintendo is among the popular gaming consoles which has been used by gamers from across the world. There have been world class games and many are scheduled to arrive in this coming year. Each of these games come with high definition gaming experience which seems to be more like the real world experience. The consoles have evolved and it is not only the children who are addicted to these games but more and more adults are getting attracted to them. To enhance the experience, there are several cards and accessories which are offered in the market. Linker 3DS with linker r4i gold 3ds, acekard 2i, r4i gold 3ds rts, Supercard DSTWO, gateway 3DS, etc. offer the option to play the best games on Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL in each of its versions. R4 3DS is an official website for R4 3DS and its related products for Nintendo Console 3DS. These cards are programmed and defined as linker that allows the players to play DS games and can also be used for Mp3 songs, films, take photos, etc.

The site offers every bit of information in regards to the card and its uses for the customers. The gadget r4 SDHC 3DS for instance is almost a necessity for the N3DS users. The R4 card allows and assists installation of R4 3DS card for gamers who wish to by R4 3DS. The website offers access to the purchase of various cards and other accessories which are very important to have the right kind of gaming experience. These updates, software and cards once setup would help the users to access almost any kind of DS game, music, movie or other files which are supported by 3DS. There are even software which helps the users to stay in touch with their loved ones, meet new people or send instant messages or emails.

The website only sells 100% authentic products and customers can visit their online store. The site has a dedicated blog which offers updates for latest firmware updates as well as other information related to the Nintendo consoles. In order to make a purchase, customers need to click on the relevant categories suiting their consoles which is available on the left column and select the cards compatible. The website also offers free installation of the linker packs as well as micro SD memory cards.

About R4 3DS:


R4 3DS is the official website which offers information and their own store to buy linker cards for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo SDi and other Nintendo DS systems. These cards and accessories allow users to get the most out of their consoles. For more information and buy relevant cards users can visit the website.