27, May 2015: Gamers are always hungry to explore different worlds. Their choice of games allows them to live in a fantasy world as imagined by them. Nintendo consoles are extremely popular in the gaming industry. R4-3DS is a one stop online shopping destination for a wide range of game currencies. In the Acheter Linker Pour 3Ds category, there is Cobra Ode, K3Ds, R-SIM mini-2, R-SIM9 Pro, R5sdhc, and Sky3D. The gamers can also shop for Carte r4i gold 3ds rts which is the only r4i that supports the Nintendo 3Ds. It is quite compatible with DSL, DS, DSi XL, DSi, 3 DS XL and 3DS. This is also compatible with Nintendo 2Ds to provide a complete gaming experience.

The R4i is basically a linker that succeeds the very popular R4 linker. It is entirely in form of plug and play, to support the data in a microSD card up to 32 GB. This R4i Gold 3Ds come with a wide range of specifications for the user. Being flexible with DC games, it also supports the real time save, soft reset function and integrated super cheat function. There is a multimedia support in form of MP3 files, wav, ogg via moonshell. Firmware update is available and the presence of blue light engine also allows for super speed transfer.

With r4i gold, the map’s size is quite identical to that of a usual DS game. GUI customization and supporter homebrew are also integrated. The availability of Wi-Fi board makes it all easy for multiplayer and web browser. DLDI auto-patching and supporter Homebrew are components that are well integrated within the system. The Linker 3Ds can support the microSDFC memory card up to 32 GB. These r43Ds make sure that the game won’t run well provided the files and software aren’t copied in a proper way in the microSD card. It is a 100% authentic product perfectly intended for a hassle free gaming experience.

The acheter Gateway 3ds is the only linker 3Ds to release the copies of the 3DS games on 3DS XL and 3DS. It is solely flexible with firmware V4.1 to V4.5 in the recent times Firmware spoofing and multi-region are also available. Multiple gaming supports is also available in a single microSD card. However, it should be formatted in exFAT and FAT32 and after a successful launch, the player should press select button in the main menu to proceed ahead. Software of the card (kernel) is installed freely in the available linker packs.

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