Los Angeles, CA - Thanks to crowd source funding, Indie film production has increased tremendously over the last few years. According to the Tech Dirt Blog, independent film producers have raised over $100 million in funding on Kickstarter alone. Tech Dirt says that these funds have helped to create 8,000 films, with some gaining major theatrical release. While these productions are typically scaled down events compared to a major studio production, the quiet generators that Bst offers are essential in areas affected by power outages or use in remote locations. The power plants can be used to generate sufficient power for all the cameras, lights, food preparation and tools to build sets and props.

Currently, Hollywood is producing three different classes of feature films by means of three different types of producers; large budget blockbusters with high-cost star vehicles; Hollywood feature films that include art films, specialty films, and other niche-market fare; and finally a class of film consisting of genre and specialty films administered by independent producer-distributors that cost less than $10 million.

The Southern California based company Bst Power, LLC, has been a big supplier to the major studios, and plans to grow its business by targeting the smaller production sets with Quiet and portable generator power rentals. The company is pleased to offer a Honda 6500 Watt generator, which is small enough to use in or around homes and powerful enough to supply quiet power generation for jobs on a set or studio. For bigger requirements Bst Power rents larger Crawford generators, which can support larger jobs and are also extremely quiet and portable. Also, the company offers truck and trailer mounted power plants that can support the needs of large events or base camps, as backup for an industrial plant or an entire tent city.

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Bst Power, LLC is a full-service production equipment rental company, providing the entertainment industry with the most environmentally friendly, state of the art, production & transportation equipment with equally unsurpassable service around the clock. The company offers a full range of portable generators, movie trucks, tractors, and trailers at the most competitive prices, and serves many of Hollywood’s most elite studios, which include CBS, ABC, NBC, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount, Sony, and others. It can provide the largest fleet of TIER-3 C.A.R.B. certified generators in the Southern California region.

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