Automation & customization is the new trend that every successful organization wants to implement for their business, while the main purpose of every IT company offering software programs is to make business life easy, efficient and productive at the end of the day.

Quadrant Alpha launches business software in the Philippines featuring cloud-based system, making each program reliable and available anytime, anywhere. Since licensing is priced per software, it allows multi-users, making it accessible and useful to the entire organization.

Their products are mobile-friendly through their software's mobile integration. Each application is compatible with both Android and iOS and can be opened in any browser platform.

QAlpha's Business Software Products

Time Keeping and Payroll System

It comes with Biometrics integration to assist the company in payroll computation, government and company deductions and all other complexities in the payroll system. It also offers Time and Attendance Management module to keep track of the employees' time in and time out that is gathered from the Biometric System. Accurate and reliable, the system eliminates even the smallest room for error.

Customer Relationship Management System

Automates sales functions such as sales lead generation, analysis of customer activities & behavior and forecasting future state by reviewing previous results. Other sales details such as items sold, quantity, peak and lean seasons and all other factors related to sales are carefully recorded. With just a click, a comparative and detailed report can be generated.

Billing and Sales Management

Expedite processing time through automated billing and real-time reports, track invoices and summarize sales performance through generated reports.

Purchasing Management System

Tracks purchase orders, receipts, request for quotation, and provides automated invoice approval. It offers paperless purchase order and sales order, and can also keep track of the supplier details.

Inventory Management System

Enabled by barcode scanning, all items are automatically stored and monitored. It offers multi-warehouse inventory management. Not only does the new items are recorded, the system also monitors spoiled and damaged goods.

Service Management System

Monitors employee productivity and to-do list per staff to strictly monitor employee performance.

Human Resources Information System

Assists in the automation of the overall HR functions such as maintenance of employee 201 files, recruitment, training and development, paperless memo and announcements, workforce management and employee benefits.

Every program is tailored to achieve the ultimate goal of every company, to succeed, minimize cost, and generate income. QAlpha is a business partner to an organization's success. Cost-effective and highly reliable, this business software development company in the Philippines can achieve sales and operations target without the need to shell out expenses for additional space or manpower. Should there be functions to improve, clients can easily communicate with the Software Programmers to do necessary adjustments and improvements.

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