We have actually been getting countless queries about comparison between PYROENERGEN II and other similar high voltage therapy machines.

20-- 25 years back, when the PYROENERGEN II has come to be globally understood and its appeal increased, several rich and big companies in Japan created comparable machines, which are operated on Air Conditioning high voltage using tesla coil (not static electricity) under various trademark name.

Quickly, Taiwan and mainland China complied with in imitating the machine for production. They made their very own concepts claiming that AC high voltage can revitalize the body cells, blood pH can be alkalized, and heal illness. That should be a huge LIE!

We wish to stress again that PYROENERGEN II is not operated on any Air Conditioning high tension voltage yet on STATIC ELECTRICAL POWER. The PYROENERGEN II is the first of its kind that applies static electrical power for medical treatment objectives on the planet considering that 35 years ago.

As we all understand in scientific research that static electrical power is anywhere and is important to living points, and that Air Conditioner high tension voltage is damaging to pets.

We see a lot of danger signs anywhere claiming that "RISK, THREAT, HIGH STRESS HIGH-VOLTAGE LINE, WHERE SHALL WE RUN AND CONCEAL?" An additional one claims, "I am planning to escape from my house that lies under a high tension voltage expenses power line". There are great deals of serious dangers of EMF sent out from high stress wires. The media action enhanced the understanding of electromagnetic fields as a carcinogen.

Be kept in mind that other high voltage therapy machines are operated A/C, and they have severe troubles of adverse effects triggered by the A/C high stress voltage. Therefore, they had to specify a great deal of safety measures and restrictions in their brochures. These negative effects are triggered by electromagnetic fields that cause present into the body and create joule heat. These adverse effects brought on by Air Conditioning high stress voltage therapy machines are no longer taken into consideration "mental effects".

Diseases below are believed to be side effects that might take place by Air Conditioner high stress voltage therapy machines and high-voltage line near or above your home.

#Leukemia, #Lymphoma, #Cataracts, #Miscarriage, #Breast #Cancer, #Lymph #Node #Cancer, #Convulsions, #Allergies, #Dizziness, #Forgetfulness, #Insomnia, #Bladder #Cancer, #Colon #Cancer, #Chronic #Fatigue #Syndrome, #Autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Still Birth, #Liver #Cancer, Nausea, Skin Breakout, #Depression, #High #Blood #Pressure, Hormonal agent Discrepancy, #Melanoma, #Kidney #Cancer, Birth Defects, Angina Pectoris, Irritation, Headaches, and so on

. Based on countless records in the preferred press and net sites, you need to hesitate or perhaps thrice, to refrain from such conditions.

PYROENERGEN II electrostatic therapy machine is not the same as Air Conditioner high tension voltage therapy machines!

" Fixed electricity" is not electrical power that is static.

In fact, Static electricity is an imbalance in the amounts of favorable or unfavorable charges discovered within the surface of an item. It's just the discrepancy in between opposite fees. It's unimportant whether the charge is moving or "fixed". Actually, the charge-imbalance can flow along as an electrical existing, yet it sheds none of its familiar "fixed electrical" properties. The fee still snaps, shines, and draws in dirt and lint, also when it's moving along. However exactly how can we have "static" that flows? Inactive activity? "Fixed electrical power" is everything about charge-imbalance, and it has nothing to do with costs at rest. In fact, "Fixed electricity" is maybe not the appropriate term.

After that exactly what is "fixed power?" Here's an idea. There is constantly a solid electrical field surrounding our body, whether the fees are relocating still. This electrical field is the highlight of supposed "fixed" electricity. Another simple response is that an electric field is a voltage without a current; whenever you have pure voltage, then you have a pure electrical field without any magnetism involved. Still one more method to say it: "FIXED ELECTRICAL POWER" is just "HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY" without present or without magnetic field.

Do you know where do these places exist more in our planet? They are in mountain locations, woodlands, riverside, waterfalls, seas and beachfront, and green fields. And, do you see all living traits are healthier in these locations? And of course, PYROENERGEN II provides you such area right in the convenience of your home.

The PYROENERGEN II is the very first of its kind that uses fixed power for electromedicine functions in the world. Now, you might ask exactly what activated us to use fixed electrical energy for recovery procedure. FAILINGS OF MODERN MEDICAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH made me to discover a way to deal with world ailments.

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