The Purpose Plan is a step-by-step program and process designed to help individuals discover their Overarching Purpose and Purpose Themes. Patricia Kelley of is creator of this breakthrough process and now offers group and individual coaching to recovering alcoholics and addicts as well as in-person workshops for Holistic Treatment Centers and Aftercare Recovery Programs. Kelley is also Author of forthcoming book, The Next Big Step: How To SOAR Beyond Recovery With Purpose and Prosperity

The Purpose Plan is a breakthrough program that guides participants into recognizing the Overarching Purpose and Themes of Purpose that run throughout their life. Kelley facilitates this process and helps people discover the “message in their mess.” This helps recovering alcoholics and addicts gain clarity on how they can move forward into a new life of empowered purpose, peace and prosperity. The Purpose Plan program is significant support to those who believe they have ruined their lives or opportunities because of their addictions. “Everyone who wants to can turn their life around and live a purposeful, meaningful existence,” insists Kelley.

Dr. Tim Wittman, Psychologist, offered this about Kelley’s compassion and skills. “I believe Patty’s success results from the fact that she truly cares for and values her clients, and takes as much pleasure witnessing positive changes as she does simply being the agent of change. Patty can make even the smallest of dreams come true in a big way!”

Recovering addicts and alcoholics often have a hard time believing they have a meaningful purpose. Or that their life has value. The Purpose Plan program helps them reconnect to meaning and purpose through interactive and thought provoking questions, and skillful coaching. “Patty is able to not only see the whole picture,” reports Dinny Lansdowne, Branding Expert and Founder of, “which may not even be visible to you yet — but also all of the moving parts and details.” This process helps individuals in recovery clearly see and understand the “Themes” running through their lives and how that translates into callings and missions at different stages of life.

Kelley’s expertise is in empowering others to step out of “who they are, into who they want to be” in a grounded, purposeful and inspired way. Barbara Beck, owner of Turning Point Coaching, offered this about Kelley’s abilities. “Patty is a powerful combination of change-agent, bright intelligence, creative genius, motivator, inspiration and Spiritual guru all in one.” Beck is an expert Life and Relationship Coach, having coached hundreds of people. She goes on to say, “As a professional Life Coach and teacher myself, I know the value of having a deeply intuitive, compassionate, yet challenging force in my life.” Beck ended with this powerful endorsement. “She can inspire you into your greater self better than anyone I’ve ever known. Truly masterful at what she does.”

 “Finding one’s purpose is the source of much personal angst as more and more people are drawn to living a more meaningful, peaceful and abundant life,” said Kelley. She went on to clarify, “And it can be even more difficult and anxiety producing in people who are in recovery.” Kelley helps people turn their “mistakes into re-takes, pain into purpose and loss into legacy.”

Inspired by Kelley’s powerful connection with the crowd at an event he attended, and the impact she had on the attendees, William F. Martin, M.D. of Seattle and Phoenix, AZ had this to say: “Do not go to Ms. Kelley if you want to remain unchanged.  Once her empowering energy grabs you— you’re hooked!”

The Purpose Plan Workshops, Webinars, Group and Individual Coaching services are now offered to Holistic Recovery and Treatment Centers and Aftercare programs. They are also available to individuals that have been through a recovery program and are now moving forward to repair and rebuild their lives. For those with a very solid one-year or more in recovery, Kelley also offers her advanced program, SOAR Beyond Recovery.

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ABOUT: Patricia M. Kelley is a BIG CHANGES Life and Biz Wholeness Coach, Speaker & Change Catalyst. She has been invited to speak at local, regional and national Addiction events and conferences. She offers change-making coaching, Keynotes and workshops on The Purpose Plan; SOAR Beyond Recovery; How To Turn Life’s Lessons into Big Money Messages; When Change Knocks-Open the Door; and several other empowering subjects. She is also an experienced emcee, and hosts events and fundraisers.


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