Orlando, FL — Feb 9, 2016 — A Turkish study has determined that those with fibromyalgia exhibited lower levels of magnesium and their symptoms were greater. Supplementation of the vital mineral doesn’t require an oral route to be effective and an elemental pure magnesium oil spray offers an alternative to pills that are often large and difficult to swallow.

“Other studies have confirmed that low levels of magnesium are present in chronic fatigue syndrome,” said Purest Vantage founder, Angela Kennedy. “It’s more common in people over 40, affects more women than men, and can be disabling.”

Many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia are also present in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Symptoms associated with both conditions include muscle aches and pains, mood changes and brain fog, along with fever, chills, poor sleep and debilitating fatigue. Chronic fatigue syndrome has been linked to a viral infections and research indicates a magnesium deficiency is a factor.

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of magnesium is 400-420 mg. per day for men and 310-320 for women, but more than 75 percent of the American population has a deficiency. Supplementation with a magnesium oil spray offers an alternative to pills to address CFS and fibromyalgia symptoms.

A magnesium deficit often manifests as muscle pain and spasms, migraines, anxiety, irregular heart rhythms, depression, and chronic fatigue. Magnesium was found to improve muscle function and reduce tenderness. Multiple symptoms of fibromyalgia and CFS were reduced with the introduction of more magnesium to the body.

Of particular concern for women is that fibromyalgia is often diagnosed after menopause when estrogen levels decrease. Magnesium deficit has been associated with fluctuating hormone levels that are present during PMS and menopause and that are also evident in CFS and fibromyalgia, including sleep disruptions.

Magnesium is essential for multiple functions, but doesn’t remain long within the body. It’s quickly eliminated through various routes and needs to be replaced regularly. Individuals with a magnesium deficit are more sensitive to lights and sounds and the mineral helps regulate nerve receptors that are involved in many types of fibromyalgia pain.

Purest Vantage offers an elemental magnesium oil spray that’s absorbed transdermally to aid in replacing the vital mineral. It’s applied to the skin and is designed to reduce itching that can occur from topical solutions. The company’s spray provides individuals with 3,575 mg. of magnesium per ounce to help with symptoms of CFS and fibromyalgia.

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