It has been noticed that the practice of reiki healing has been increasing due to patients preferring it over medications. This natural way of healing the human body through special massage by the hand has been praised by people who have experienced it. Reiki therapy tools can enhance the experience of both the receiver and the practitioner, although it can be also smoothly practiced without the use of any tools.

Reiju empowerment which is similar to the Usui Master symbols is reported to be one of the reiki therapy tools. Using the art of symbols, it is said to provide better focus to the practitioner and helps him to understand his patient without questioning. Another reiki therapy tool that proves to enhance the healing is reiki music. This type of music ranges from sound of the rustling leaves, flowing water, wind against the tree, sound of stone, and anything that is related to nature. It is a way to soothe the patient and provide relaxation and is said to provide clear focus to the reiki master. Reike jewellery ranging from bracelets, earrings, pendants and anklets are regarded as another therapy tool to fasten the healing power.

There are now many reiki academies, which provide full and proper training for people who are interested in practicing reiki. In level 1 and 2 students are taught how to connect to the human body and support natural healing. Then in the later stage, students are introduced to chakra balancing, polarity techniques, and therapeutic touch. After completing reiki certification, interested practitioners can go for the Reiki Teaching Master Certification.

Pure Reiki Healing, introduced by Owen Coleman provides its readers with resourceful information about reiki healing. It gives detail information about reiki training, reiki application, reiki master, and other related subjects. Coleman stated that reiki is not a replacement for medicine; however, it is effective and a good option for people who are fed up of medications. For more information please go to

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