Costa Mesa, CA; 10, April 2015: The non-profit rehab facility New Directions For Women has published a new opinion piece explaining why they believe womens-only rehab is so crucial to recovery for the millions of women who are suffering from substance use disorder. 

Gender-specific rehab simply “produces better results,” the statement explains. “A womens rehab center such as New Directions for Women can account for the many unique issues which women face when fighting a chemical dependency. Despite common and inaccurate beliefs to the contrary, women and men often have a very different path to recovery.” 

The importance of gender-specific addiction recovery is related to the ways that men and women take different approaches to their addiction, the ways they react differently to treatments, and the different actions they take concerning substances. IN many cases the substances being used are different — and this is all to say nothing of the various biological, physical, and emotional differences. 

Biological Differences Between Men And Women Make A Difference In Rehab 

As obvious as it may seem, women have unique biological concerns, and these often appear in rehab. Pregnancy, menopause, and the like are not problems that men face, and so women tend to be reluctant to discussing them where men are present. At the same time recovery is enough of a challenge already, so there’s no reason women should be asked to overcome this existing reluctance on top of the other problems they face. in a womens-only rehab facility, being able to speak about these problems with people who understand them may be extremely comforting. 

Another key biological concern relates to recovery time. For women, it’s crucial to recover from addiction as quickly as possible. Versus men, women tend to be much more strongly affected by addiction. A single drink of alcohol has a greater effect on a woman’s body than it does on a man’s, and the associated health issues tend to appear more rapidly and are more severe for a given level of alcohol consumption. 

How Emotional Considerations Change The Rehab Equation 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has concluded that the emotional reasons men and women relapse into drug use tend to be very different. Men most often relapse as a result of anxiety-producing phenomena in their life, whereas women tend to relapse most frequently when life circumstances leave them sad and/or depressed. (To address these problems, New Directions For Women has a broad variety of services that work on healing from every level — group therapy, individual therapy, equine therapies and other experiential forms of therapy, and much more). 

Womens addictions are often triggered by emotional causes as well — a traumatic event or conflict in the past may be to blame. Though this is most common in dual diagnosis patients (where a mental condition like depression is present alongside the addiction) it may occur in any case. Therefore, New Directions For Women offers patients in-depth trauma therapies to help explore and manage their past traumas, then re-connect with their feelings. 

About New Directions For Women: 

New Directions For Women is a Costa Mesa-based womens-only rehab facility that takes a 12-steps based holistic approach to treating all kinds of addiction. 

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