United Kingdom, June 23, 2014: Fitness has become one of the primary concerns for considerable population in several countries. As good health is getting more and more highlighted in the current technology-integrated lifestyle of people, several business firm have started to exploit it by selling supplements. Pure Chimp is a small but dedicated company committed to provide only original and pure products to its customers. Matcha Green Tea is one of the special products that the online store sells. Besides, various other products pertaining to fitness and skin health can be found at the ecommerce platform. 

Pure Chimp sells super tea, super face cream, super cleanser, super body cream, super powder and a few combos for face and body. One of the most highlighted and popular product at Pure Chimp is the Super Tea, which is another name for Matcha Green Tea. It offers some unbelievable health benefits. Its effectiveness on physical fitness and skin condition of humans is signified by the fact that several companies claim to provide the green tea but maintain the ambiguity regarding its purity. Pure Chimp is one company that provides 100% pure Matcha tea and backs its claim with a unique warranty. 

Pure Matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. It improves energy and nutrient-balance in the body and enhances the ability to control weight. It is not for topical use and improves skin condition from within. It has anti-ageing properties and behaves much like caffeine but minus the anxiety effect. It naturally boosts metabolism. In fact, a study conducted in the United States revealed that consumption of Matcha tea increases daily thermo-genesis from regular 8%-10% to 35%-43%. In other words, consumers of Matcha tea burn calories more than 4 times than others. Buddhist monks have been using it for more than 9 centuries in order to stay awake, focussed and alert during meditation. 

Pure Chimp provides pure Matcha green tea without gluten, fat, yeast, wheat, dairy products and other additives. A pack contains 50 grams of Matcha tea and has shelf-life of 24 months. The finely powdered tealeaves can be mixed with hot water and honey to be sipped as tea or taken with milk, water or juice. The most interesting and customer-centric provision of Pure Chimp is the refund guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with any of its product, they can claim refund of money without returning the product. However, the 30-day validity starts from the time of order. Products are shipped throughout European Union and the World within 1 — 10 working-days. 

About Pure Chimp: 


Pure Chimp is an ecommerce platform founded in 2013 and based in Cambridgeshire. It is a dedicated company that provides natural skincare and fitness products that are suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Currently, it is run by a team of 4. Besides selling natural skincare products, the website offers advice on various skin issues too.