UK - The water tap is the necessary thing in our daily life. We could say that it is the part of our life. The water we drinking or washing is all through this tiny equipment which has a very long history. But do you know how many types of the water taps? Today, the professional expert from tapso, which is the famous waterfall tap manufacturer in UK, will give you some suggestions for the type of the water tap. The tapso, which URL is , is the professional tap manufacture around the world. They will provide you with the cheap taps such as the led taps and the high-tech taps such as the sensor taps. The first kind of tap we want to introduce you is the waterfall taps in Bathtub. This kind of tap is installed above the bathtub aside for the opening for mixed hot and cold water. Nowadays, the most commonly tap on the market is the ceramic single handle bathtub tap.

It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature so that it is easy to use. And the ceramic led faucet  is more durable. The valve body of the bathtub waterfall tap is made of the brass. The surface of the valve body have chrome-plated, gold-plated and all kinds of metal baking appearance. This kind of leader must have two outlets which one is follow to the bathtub water and the other is used to connect the shower. The second type we want to introduce you is the shower tap. If the outlet is in the bottom, we should use it with the shower and shower holder. If the outlet is at the top, it mainly used as the main control subject with the using of the large shower.

This kind of taps is very common in the bathroom. The third tap we want to suggest to you is the basin lead taps. This kind of tap is installed in the wash basin and used to pour out the cold water, hot water or hot and cold mixing water. The body is made of brass and the surface is chrome-plated , gold colored and other metal baking. The model of it has a variety of appearance and the handle contained the single handle and double handle.

There is other type of the basin cheap taps  which has fitted with the lifting rod. We could directly pulling up the lifting rod of the wash basin to remove the sewage.¡¡¡¡The Kitchen cheap taps are the last type we want to introduce you. If your kitchen has the hot water pipeline, this tap should also have two connections. For instance, the outlet of the cheap kitchen tap is longer. And some cheap kitchen tap also have the soft pipe designation which is used to washing food. The outlet of the taps should be very long. It is best to stretching to the outfall above and it would not be splashing.

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