Planning a wedding can become stressful even for the most organized bride-to-be. With all the details you need to keep an eye on you might find yourself in a predicament at one point and you’ll have to bend over backwards in order to get the news to all your guests. Technology can be your best friend in moments like these if you choose to put your trust and a little time in a Wedding app. This versatile and compact tool can help you send out invitations, directions, important changes and real time messages to all your wedding party guests and can also serve as a photo and video blog of the big day. Depending on the features it will incorporate a Custom wedding app can set you back a few hundred dollars but the investment is completely worth it if you think about the fact that all your precious memories of the event will be stored in the same place. Here are a few things you should pay special attention to before making a Wedding app purchase.


The main advantage of a Custom wedding app is that the software is very easy to use so even if you have a few senior citizens in the wedding party they won’t be left out of the fun. The user friendly interface allows everyone invited to make a contribution to the special day and your guests will appreciate being involved in creating such wonderful memories. Instead of having just one photographer you can have a few hundreds that will capture unique moments and perspectives while adding their own personal touch through special photographic filters. You can have a complete timeline of your big day that will be stored in the same location and that can be updated and edited in real time. If you don’t want to miss out on documenting all the fancy dance moves of your family and friends the Wedding app can store an unlimited amount of files and comments.


Sending out the invitations for the big day can be a complicated endeavor that takes up a lot of precious time and financial resources. Instead of going through endless logs of samples and using a lot of paper resources in the process you could make things simpler and send out your “save the date” notes through a Wedding app. You can invite an unlimited number of people and get the RSVP’s in real time by simply sending the download link and code through email or SMS message.


The Custom wedding app allows you to share the story of how you met the special person in your life with your entire wedding party. You can create a bio of your relationship and include photographs of all you special moments to give your guests the details of your romantic fairy tale. Certain members of your immediate family can also be included in the Custom wedding app presentation and you can add a few pieces of information about them as well. Your guests can make comments and edit photographs and you can even send private messages to members of your wedding party.



If you want to have photographic evidence of the most important day of your life a Wedding app can store all the pictures of the big event in one place. The custom wedding app can also help you with planning the big day by sending out an unlimited number of invitations.