04, June 2015: The exotic PUNCH Skin Care® Vita nigh cream plus anti aging treatment will be introduced to the loyal consumers on June 12, 2015. The collagen cream is simply a total skin care treatment presented in a 50 ml tub.

Human skin is the largest and one of the most delicate organs of the human anatomy. Thus, any damage caused to the skin may reflect sooner. Skin damages can range from mere dryness to serious issues like melanoma. This is why one should pay utmost care to protect this outer layer of the body from harmful agents. Aging, harsh UV rays emitted form the sun, elevated stress levels and chemicals are the deadly reasons that can cause skin infections and conditions. The market is over poured with various skin care product such as night creams, anti-aging creams, moisturizers, body butters etc. that comes with a promise to restore the beauty of the skin caused by the above reasons. However, non-of these creams are equivalent to the richness PUNCH Skin Care® Vita nigh cream. Because, Vita is not just a typical night cream, but an anti-aging cream, moisturizer and collagen cream presented in a tub of comfort.

The PUNCH Skin Care® anti-wrinkle cream made of purest ingredients has the power to replenish and nourish the damaged skin immediately. Clinical reports state that the age defying cream could repair aged cells by 72% by amplifying the dermal stimulation. The highly concentrated formula is capable of reversing the damages and DNA mutations caused by UV rays in a cellular level. It also stimulates collagen production, wipe off pigmentation through healthy amino acids, hydrates the skin pumping youthfulness to its cells, and rubs off fatigue. Reversing the aging process and inheriting that silky smooth, ultra flexible, supple skin is just a click away for those who visit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T6RETM8

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PUNCH Skin Care® is a premium brand of exotic skin care products offered at an affordable price. Each product is manufactures using finest quality ingredients that will rejuvenate and hydrate the human skin. PUNCH Skin Care® focuses on building a loyal customer base offering them the best products in the market for the lowest prices. For more information on PUNCH Skin Care® products, visit: www.punchskincare.com

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