27, February 2015: With specialist companies like the well-known Cottages to Castles expanding their portfolios of holiday accommodation in Italy at a rapid rate, due to increased demand, it seems the British penchant for all things Italian is showing no signs of going out of fashion. However, given the renowned popularity of Tuscany with British expats, it may come as somewhat of a surprise to many to learn that, in 2014, Puglia was the “most demanded Italian region in the UK” in terms of property investment.

With an increased interest from foreign investors, property all over Italy is being snapped by the ‘second home’ market, but the southern regions of the country are proving even more popular than their northern or central Italian counterparts. As well as being the number one choice for Brits, Puglia came in third overall as the most demanded Italian region with international buyers.

A spokesperson from Cottages to Castles said that Puglia has always been high on the radar of their clientele, who are enticed by not only the stunning landscapes and deep cultural heritage, but also the region’s accessibility. Puglia (and specifically the popular Trulli region) lies close to both Bari and Brindisi airports — which both serve international links.

It seems the high number of travellers choosing to book holiday accommodation in Puglia with companies like Cottages to Castles is in direct correlation to the property investment figures released. A spokesperson for a specialist Italian real estate company says many of their clients are holidaymakers who have fallen in love with the region while on a short break. Many are seduced by the unusual ‘trulli’ homes, which are ancient stone houses with a distinctive conical roof. The trulli are only found in this particular region of Italy, and are so unique that the village of Alberobello was inscribed as a World Heritage Site.

Another defining factor of the popularity of the Puglia area with investors is the fact that prices here are significantly lower than other areas in Italy — although the recent surge has certainly driven prices up. It’s possible to purchase an unrestored trullo for as little as 30,000 euros, although a completely habitable one can range from around 150-250,000.

While the dream of owning your own Puglian trullo may seem like a romantic idea, one expert advises against ‘sight unseen’ purchases. “Any prospective buyers should consider renting trullo accommodation in Puglia with a company like Cottages to Castles first, to spend some time getting to know the characteristics of this kind of property.”

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