Publishing Inspiration announces the newest release in their inspirational, clean romance line of books, The Mail-Order Bride. A humorous and inspirational book, The Mail-Order Bride is extremely enjoyable for everyone to read. The Mail-Order Bride includes both humor and romance in the story, making it incredibly entertaining. Based loosely on a true story, the book will take the reader on a journey into an understanding about differences of culture .

The story revolves around the life of Eli. It starts with what was to be an exciting day for him. His fiancée, Molly, was coming in on a ship. Two years earlier, unable to find work in England, he had headed for America. His ship was caught in a storm, and he ended up, not in Pennsylvania as he planned, but in Newfoundland. But that was all behind him now. He had written to Molly every day for the two years, and now she was coming so they could be married. But Eli was in for a surprise. Unknown to him, Molly had married. She had bought a mail-order bride in her place, and Eli’s life was going to suddenly take an unexpected twist.

The Mail-Order Bride book has a comedic storyline with regard to differences of life, love and culture! It is a must for everyone to read the story of The Mail-Order Bride.

A lot of people who have already read the book say that it has an excellent, humorous and clean storyline. Everyone will totally love this book! The book provides an excellent balance of drama, comedy, and inspiration, as well as a pleasing conclusion.

The play based on this book has been performed in countries around the world and won many awards.

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