12, December 2016: PubHTML5 is a well-known digital publishing software provider that has established a strong reputation among digital publishers. The company has launched several successful online publishing solutions, including the highly acclaimed PubHTML5 flipbook software.

Recently, the software provider has unveiled 3 insights related to content marketing. For the publishers, it is important to make the flipbook content fashionable while also ensuring that it meets the needs of the readers. But, how can they do that? PubHTML5 flipbook software can help to achieve it in 3 ways:

1.Customize the title, description, and keywords of the flipbooks and add it to the website, sitemap, and blogs. It can help the search engine to recognize the content and rank it on the first place, which would help the readers to find it with less time.

2.Analyze the readers’ behaviors to the online flipbook. And then optimize the content to meet their preferences.

3.Manage the subscribers and interact with them sometimes. It is better to email to them with the latest flipbooks and allow them to share in their social ways.

The best part about all of these insights is that PubHTML5 provides all these services for digital flipbooks absolutely free. According to Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5, “Our digital flipbook software is developed to work as an effective marketing platform which also provides utmost convenience to the publishers.”

In essence, the software by PubHTML5 is a powerful digital publishing solution which can enable almost anyone to craft interactive yet stunning digital flipbooks from PDF. Furthermore, all sorts of elements including, embedded links, videos, audios, buttons, and slideshows can be used in the magazine.

For more information about the digital flipbook software, visit the official website of PubHTML5 by clicking on this link.

About PubHTML5:

PubHTML5 is the software company which helps publishers, marketers, designers and freelancers to create, publish and distribute the content in an innovative way. It can help to the interactive content for online publishing.

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