14, December 2016: PubHTML5 is a professional and powerful flip book maker, offers services from making PDF to flash pages with flipping effects. Moreover, it also offers a range of multimedia features in the flash content for example images, link, movie, music and flash etc. With it, the flash flip book is published online and includes the email and social share functions.

Once flash flip book is published online, then it can be managed online. The web address of flip book can be shared via email, social media and embedded in site; in addition, the online flipbook can be edited.

There is integrated PubHTML5 editing online tool. Now users can easily manage their flipbooks online when browsing digital content pages on desktop computer.

Just users need to login to PubHTML5 dashboard on their computers. There are details what flipbook online managing features are offered by PubHTML5,the leading flip book maker.

Edit flip book online

It allows the access to the online flip book dashboard to search for the eBook and edit it. In this process, it allows followings:

* Rearrange the articles by dragging and clicking each story. The thumbnail image of any story can be promoted as the eBook cover image, or delete a story completely from the eBook.
* After editing the eBook, read it again to check the eBook view as the readers will read it. If there needs anymore additional changes, just go back to the eBook dashboard.

Set the security for flip book stories - Once a flip book is created, but it can include a private or confidential stories or articles that can only be shared with specific people. It may be something to be anxious about. There is no need to worry anymore because PubHTML5, the flip book maker offers an approach to protect the content from appearing everywhere. Its security features can allow setting a password to manage which one can view the eBook.

Set the flipping speed - The default flipping speed of digital flip book set by PubHTML5 can be changed easily.

Set the page orientation - Landscape style is mostly used when taking images with digital cameras. It puts emphasis on the field depth, not any one thing. The horizontal style mode is generally used in digital magazines these days. The flash flip book platform provided by PubHTML5 also offers you the landscape type to show the flip book images.

PubHTML5 digital flip book maker offers a professional flash content managing platform. It allows making flash flipbooks from all types of files. For more, please visit: http://pubhtml5.com/.

About PubHTML5:

PubHTML5 Company develops the flip book maker software and the online publishing platform for digital publishing. It combines the designing, editing and publishing together, which makes it useful and convenient to publishers. Also, it is possible to manage the online flip book easily.

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