03, December 2016: Most of the small, medium and big-sized companies are switching to flipping book from PubHTML5 because of its versatile features that enable to create stunning flipbooks. The flipping book tool that is introduced by PubHTML5 is popular as compared to other tools present online. The configuration, security features, branding strategy, etc. has helped many companies to gain a name in the marketing world. The flipping book can be easily used by the users, and they can share it on the social networking sites too as this will help the companies to get a wider promotion. According to Jason Chen, CEO of PubHTML5, the tool created by PubHTML5 is technically sound and the cloud platform helps to store the information well.

Give Professional Look to the Publication

With the advanced technology and interactive flipping book tool, the business users can now work wonders as the flipbook created by using the tool from PubHTML5 provides great features. Here are some points that throw light on the usage of the flipbook tool from PubHTML5:

- Easily accessible on Mobile Devices: The flipbook created with the help of interactive tool from PubHTML5 can be easily viewed on Smartphones, IPhones, and IPad too. The pages can be scrolled easily on the Android and iOS platforms.

- Run on Browsers Smoothly: The flipbook can run easily on any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, etc. Moreover, the uploading is done with ease and the professional look of the flipping book is maintained too.

- The Inclusion of Rich Features: The businesses can add rich and versatile features like videos, images, audio, etc. in the flipbook so that readers can read it with much interest. The media-rich attributes engage the potential users, and they can get information about company’s products and services in a great manner.

- Usage of Cloud Platform: The cloud platform that is provided by PubHTML5 helps the companies to store important information, which is secured as well.

Therefore, it can be seen that with the help of this tool, the business houses can create great flipping effects in the flipbook and attract their customers in a great way.

About PubHTML5:

PubHTML5 is digital publishing software that helps in creating great flipping effects through their flipbook tools that have helped many commercial users to reach their target audiences. For more details, please visit http://pubhtml5.com/.

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