Optimus Primejoins hands with alien family from ‘Badi Doooor Se Aaye Hai’
SAB TV’s latest alien comedy series ‘Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai’ has received an encouraging response from viewers of all age groups across the country.
In the ongoing track, the alien family is visited by a member of the most powerful and intelligent beings from outer space — Optimus Prime — leader of the Autobots - one of the most popular character from Transformers. The entire crew including the children and all the other actors were excited to see him and had a gala time snapping photos and shooting with the Autobot leader. Optimus Prime has come to seek support from the alien family for building his own army.
Sumeet Raghavan aka Vasant Ghotalasaid, “It was truly amazing to shoot a sequence with Optimus Prime. I am a die-hard fan of Transformers and have seen each and every movie and I am eagerly waiting for the latest Transformers movie to hit the theaters. Also the story of the ongoing sequence is truly innovative. All the child artists on our show were awe struck when they saw the robot on sets.”

Rupali Bhosale aka Varsha Ghotala said, “The robot was gigantic! And I loved the entire sequence that we shot with the Optimus robot. I am a big fan of sci-fi movies and considering our show also has an element of science fiction, the presence of the Autobot leader only boosted our enthusiasm levels. All of us had an awesome time shooting with the legendary Optimus Prime.”

What happens when the supreme leader of Autobots meets the Ghotala family? To know tune in to ‘Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai’ from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm only on SAB TV!

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