Recent market trends has shown that more and more number of people prefer to buy books online. The hard cover books have taken a back seat. Another stiff competition in the readership industry is that exclusively online books are on the rise.


One of the current best sellers from the online market is the Psystrology Method, an online book that was created and designed by Felicity Keith. Reports say that the book is based on many years of research, aided by personal observations. The book has been widely accepted for its revolutionary system that was created only for women. Popular customer reviews show that it has helped many female readers reclaim their life and destiny. Additionally, it has also helped many in becoming the person that they truly are inside. The book claims that feminism has pushed many women to occupy multiple roles, which in turn disrupts their truly self through self criticism. By finding the Seven Secret Pillars of One’s Feminine Soul, the woman understands who they really are. Many self doubting women have reported stepped out and claimed that with the help of the Personal Fate Map, they are now able to make difficult decisions promptly. It has been popularly acclaimed for spreading the message that happiness does not always come with “having it all”. According to the psystrology method review, the book also targets at balancing the brains neurotransmitters by offering a very simple exercise.


So far, the book has had a wide claim towards women who are aged 25 and above. Most reviews has come from women who live with their careers and also those married women with children. All in all, critics say that it has had a particular appeal towards the modern day independent woman who has bitten off too much and is now at a loss as to how to handle it all.  For more details go to


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