Orlando, FL — April 12, 2016 — One of the most unfortunate things about having arthritis is that sufferers do not only experience pain mostly on a daily basis, but are also subjected to physical limitations. These limitations hinder them from doing chores, working, socializing, and pursuing their passion.

Psychologists suggest that arthritis sufferers should reclaim their passion to satisfy their inner urges. Arthritis is undeniably a painful condition. Pain makes it extremely difficult for sufferers to function normally. There are many who also suffer from physical limitations, which make them feel deprived of doing the things that add meaning to their lives.

There are arthritis sufferers who, because of achy joints, are unable to do their favorite pastimes. This actually left them feeling bored and disengaged.

John Eastwoord, PhD, a professor and psychologist at York University in Toronto, Canada conducted a study. He reveals that participants who are unable to get in touch with their emotions tend to be more susceptible to boredom.

Eastwood also added that emotional detachment could actually breed boredom mainly because the people lose the compass points that lead them toward a satisfying activity. It is recommended that those with arthritis should learn to acknowledge their feelings and grieve for their loss.

Sufferers should give themselves some time to accept their situation, grieve, and move on. They should avoid getting stuck there. There are several ways to get unstuck, such as finding fun and exciting activities.

Gail Kershner Riggs, a retired faculty member in rheumatology and geriatrics at the Arizona Arthritis Center in Tucson, suffered from arthritis-induced ankle pain. The condition leads her to give up gourmet cooking.

However, she was able to preserve her inner joy by hosting dinner parties and simply experience having delicious meals with friends. There are activities to satisfy one’s inner urges such as tennis and bowling for individuals who want to engage in camaraderie and competition.

Consider re-engaging in new pursuits to satisfy your inner urges. For creative sufferers, they can engage in painting, sculpture, or pottery. They need to explore their options, gradually engage in the things they love, and stay positive that they can do and live better than before.

There are tons of activities arthritis sufferers can engage in. They just need to ensure that they eat well and if possible take natural supplements for extra support. The most recommended joint pain supplements are glucosamine, which is believed to help reduce pain and improve mobility (www.amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Supplement-2000mg-serving/dp/B0126ZF0B0/).
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