With an aim to strike a chord with the modern day man, Rodolfo Valentine has written and compiled lyrically creative verses by taking inspiration from the Psalms.

December 2015 — Psalms for the Modern Day Man combine important Biblical passages and creative poetry writing into an eBook that helps the modern man live an enriched life. It takes life’s introspection to a whole new level.

One can find themselves truly and wholly when they find their way to the Almighty. However, in this day and age, with work and other pressures dominating one’s life, the modern day man has a lot more on his plate. Psalms for the Modern Day Man helps make it easier for the modern man to reflect on his life and enlighten him with Biblical knowledge in the form of lyrics, verses and poetic language, which makes it enjoyable and knowledgeable to read.

The eBook contains a wide range of topics like freedom, fulfillment, on pushing oneself continuously, seasons, speak to me Lord and lots more that help one awaken their souls to awareness, kindness and enlightenment.

It goes without saying that in order to communicate with the divine an incredible amount of patience is needed. This patience is demonstrated in one’s will to listen and think deeply about their life’s struggles. Introspection into their heart and soul can lift them higher and bring them closer to the Almighty. This is the basis that forms the very foundation of Psalms for the Modern Day Man that has been written by Rodolfo Valentine.

Psalms for the Modern Day Man is available for download on Amazon at $4.99 only.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0196Z9M4E
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