Saint Louis, MO — With spring weather just around the corner, many will come out of hibernation and begin their journey to buying their first home. Spring is an excellent time to prospect for houses; within just a few weeks, buyers can inspect the outside condition of a house in two seasons. Some experts feel buyers should be particularly serious about buying a home now as interest rates are at record lows and national home prices are on the rise. Savvy shoppers can still find loans for those with good credit histories, stable income, and sufficient savings. Prudential Select Properties — Select St Louis currently offers one-on-one consultations with would-be home buyers.

Even though conditions are ideal for purchasing St Louis real estate , there are still many factors one has to consider. Closing costs vary from state-to-state and is often difficult to estimate despite the most thorough research. In addition, property taxes also vary depending on location and can be an unwelcome surprise after buying a house. Talking one-on-one with your realtor and lender often yields clarity to the confusion.

Insurance is essential to the home-buying process; not only does it protect from natural disasters, it protects from theft or in some cases, loss or damage during the initial move. Protecting the home and belongings early as well as budgeting for the expense is the best approach. Discuss with your realtor suggestions on local insurance agents which deliver reliability and guarantee professional service.

Finally, consider decorating and home maintenance expense; if one buys an older home or a fixer-upper, one should have some idea of the work and expense involved before-hand. Get professional quality estimates. A good rule of thumb is to “always assume it’s going to cost more”.

As proven experts in St. Louis county real estate , a Prudential Select Properties realtor can help find the right home. Spring consultations are available right now; in addition, buyers are welcome to attend St Charles open houses or other neighborhoods in the area. For more information, contact a local Prudential Select Properties realtor by calling (866) 640-6397 or by visiting

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