If you are the manager of a tech shop and you are searching for an innovative way of impressing customers and offering them the best customer service that there is, you should take a look at proximity beacons. When it comes to ibeacontechnology, the first thing that you will notice about it is just how much it can change the way you interact with people that walk in your shop. The moment that they walk through that door, the game is on! This means that if they own a smartphone, they will soon offer you all the information that you need regarding the way they act while shopping. We are not talking about their online shopping habits but about the behaviour that they will have while being in your store. What does this mean?

Well, when talking about ibeacontechnology, you should know that it uses location services and it takes everything one step further. A tech shop would have a lot to gain from using proximity beacons. You know that when you browse different websites, your activity is recorded and the ads displayed on your computer reflect your recent activity. This is exactly what these ibeacons can help businesses with. When customers go shopping or simply enter stores to look at their products, every single move is recorded. You will know exactly where they are, what products they are interested in, how long they have been standing at a certain aisle and so on.

Probably you are thinking that yes, you have access to this type of information, but what can you use it for? You will be happy to know that these details will allow you to tweak certain processes that take place in your tech shop and to adapt everything according to your customers' preferences. This will help you achieve your business goals and will allow you to increase your sales numbers and the number of satisfied/loyal customers. How amazing would that be? The ibeacontechnology will allow you to learn more about the way your customers react to your displays and if there are any changes that you should do regarding the way you have presented certain products.

Let's say that most customers look at the displays that are closest to the door. This is where you should place some of the IT products that can be bought at a discounted price. While they are looking at this display, you can send them a pop up on their phone, telling them about the other offers related to the same kind of products. This is just one of the many ways that you could use these proximity beacons. Now, if you are thinking about investing in this type of service, you should look for a provider that can offer you access to a network without you actually having to deal with any hardware. This way, you'll benefit from all these advantages, hassle free!
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