London; 15, March 2016: First impressions always last and they last longer if an individual’s expression is stamped with a smile. A smile that is marked or characterized by flashing a set of sparkling white teeth can have an uplifting effect on both the bearer and the upholder. A simple toothy grin can have remarkable and astounding repercussions from lowering stress to boosting up one’s spirits. When one person is face-to-face with another, the eyes first come to rest on the face and if the individual greets the other with a big smile then the impression stays for a long period of time.

ProWhiter is a London-based company that retails in an extensive range of non-peroxide products that help in maintaining the natural whiteness and sparkle of teeth. These teeth whitening products are thoroughly non-toxic as they’re completely free of any health-jeopardizing chemicals and harmful compounds that may have a detrimental effect on the enamel. ProWhiter’s products that allow a person to hold on to his or her teeth’s whiteness and original gloss ultimately makes the individual feel more confident about self. The company stocks products of high quality for augmenting the brightness of teeth-from ‘Home Whitening Kit’ to ‘Thermoforming Trays’ and from ‘LED Accelerator’ to ‘Whitening Pen’ and ‘Whitening Gels’.

The ‘Home Teeth Whitening Kit’ is an excellent product that can be used in the cool comfort of a home or even in an office eventually giving the user or the consumer a good reason to smile. Using the kit is simple and easy as one just needs to cast the thermoforming plate in a way that it sets around the teeth. Thereafter the cast needs to be filled with the gel that is supplied with the pack and the LED will have to be switched on that’ll activate and speed up the whitening mechanism. The package comprises of two sets of thermoforming trays or plates, 4 3cc syringes containing whitening gel, 1 storage case, 1 Blue LED light, 1 tooth shade guide and 1 user manual. ProWhiter is offering a straight 20% discount on all online orders for the home whitening kit.

The results become noticeable within just three days once a customer starts using any of the UK teeth whitening products. This product is perfect for anybody and everybody who is desirous of flaunting a scintillating white smile. On the other hand persons less than 13 years of age, pregnant women, and those suffering from gum disorders as well as individuals with a genetic predisposition for decayed tooth can also opt for the abovementioned whitening teeth items. The products are less than 100ml in weight rendering these perfectly portable.

With respect to the frequency of use of these products, one should use the same once in four weeks if on a balanced diet, every 21 days if one enjoys a tasty treat occasionally, and every 14 days if one is addicted to smoking or drinking wine, alcohol or hot beverages.

About Us:

ProWhiter is a celebrated dealer of teeth whitening products that don’t contain peroxide and are also free of hazardous chemicals or compounds.