As news of violent acts being perpetrated escalate in many public places, security has been one of the top priorities by school administrators, also in government and business establishments as well. The high cost associated with applying and maintaining solid security measures has encouraged many companies to seek affordable and yet highly effective solutions to deter dangerous incidents from taking place; and here is where walk-through metal detectors play a crucial role.

Recently, Protective Technologies International has launched in their website some of the best and advanced walk-through metal detectors specifically designed and engineered to provide the first line of security for virtually any public establishments. From portable metal detectors that can easily be set up in a public gathering like concerts or school activities and sponsored events to advanced detectors designed for airports, business and government buildings, has it all covered.

All the advanced security metal detectors they have are designed for world-class performance and have met the standards of public safety. They also have a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. Besides PTI’s own detectors, they carry some of the top brands in the industry:

- Fisher Research Labs
- Ranger Security
- Rapiscan Systems
- Garrett Metal Detectors

All of their products have inclusive in-house training for the security personnel who will operate the detectors and they also provide full technical assistance and customer support for all their clients worldwide. For more information about their new line of walk-through metal detectors, visit their website at today or contact their representative for further details.

About Protective Technologies International

As a leading company providing world class security walk-through metal detectors, Protective Technologies International has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Their systems has been used by today’s leading mining, refining and jewelry manufacturing and distribution companies to protected the loss of their precious metals. Visit their official website today at

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