Properly picking outfits and hairstyles for your bridesmaids is only one of the many pieces of snarky ‘real world’ wedding advice dispensed by a popular female blogger in a recent, wedding-themed feature at

The feature writer in question, soon to be a newlywed herself, wrote the piece in response to the endless articles filled with impractical, overly fanciful wedding advice. Her suggestions, which range from how to plan and oversee wedding arrangements to how to choose and treat bridesmaids, aim to be a counterpart to that sort of ‘advice’. They offer a practical perspective everyday brides can latch onto whilst keeping a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to the whole, often over-emphasized ordeal.

Picking ensembles that are flattering to all the bridesmaids (and the author considers every bride should have multiple, for practical purposes if nothing else) is only one of fourteen pieces of ‘real world’ advice the blogger includes in her feature. The full list is remarkably broad in scope, and aims to allow brides to have full control of their wedding without losing their mind or becoming that most dreaded of wedding-related creatures, the ‘bridezilla’.

Many of the suggestions included on the list therefore emphasize the collaborative aspect, which can and should be a part of any wedding. Many brides believe the perfect wedding can only be achieved if they are in charge of every little aspect of the preparations, but according to this author, that could not be further from the truth. In fact, trying to control everything is, according to the writer, the easiest way to rapidly bring on a nervous breakdown! As such, brides should trust their wedding planner and other contracted experts, whilst being careful to ensure they are get what they demanded for their money.

Other advice included in the feature ranges from being a little more laid-back about the choice of setting, theme and the dress to not procrastinating, at the risk of being caught lagging behind at one’s own wedding. is a lifestyle and entertainment portal.

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