The popular SEO marketing service for dentists, PromoteDental, is expanding its team and the scope of its operations in order to help smaller and/or newer dental practices compete more fairly with their big-name competitors.

Founder and team leader Yasir Khan, a popular marketer and blogger, empathizes with dentists as an entrepreneur. He knows that in the beginning, the deck is often stacked against new businesses — and that larger businesses can often crush competitors with pricey ad campaigns.

Khan and his team at PromoteDental have therefore made it their mission for the year 2017 to help more small dental practices than ever, in order to level the playing field and give them a fair shot at competing with larger industry rivals who have more resources and experience when it comes to advertising.

Because Khan is an experienced SEO marketer himself and has a small but capable team under his command at PromoteDental, he does not need to charge huge amounts for PromoteDental's advertising expertise.

The company focuses solely on SEO, which PromoteDental believes is more effective than all other forms of conventional advertising combined. Also, they never outsource any of their work, due to the expertise and focus of their team.

While PromoteDental already has a solid reputation because of its high rate of success helping small dental practices rank much higher on Google and other major search engine result pages, a spokesperson for the company said that PromoteDental hopes to further improve that reputation and grow its list of clients throughout the new year.

About Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan is the founder of PromoteLaw and other online marketing sites. He frequently describes himself as “obsessed with SEO.” He may be reached directly on Facebook( and Twitter( or via email at [email protected]

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