March 30, 2013 — ProMap has completely renovated its website and datasets with a large number of digital maps for the UK. The new digital map editions have been added to make the company the largest provider of cartographic coverage of the entire nation. All businesses and individuals can take advantage of their comprehensive and detailed services for various purposes.

Speaking about their new additions, the CEO of ProMap states, “The need for updating our mapping services has long been felt, as a detailed digital mapping is very much a need of the hour. Business organizations often require detailed maps and geodata for planning their business expansion. Our comprehensive mapping helps them in risk assessment to plan their business activities in specific areas and regions throughout the UK.”

In today’s business scenario, cartography has emerged as an important application, as companies often use geodata to plan their business activities in various geographical locations. Mapping is a critical prerequisite for the establishment of many types of industries. A company can use these maps to identify new areas to open their new stores, branches and operation centers. For example, digital ordnance survey maps are important for establishing ordnance depots in strategic locations and military organizations rely on ProMap’s digital surveys and maps for the purpose.

In the UK, ProMap has emerged as the leading mapping service provider since their precise digital mapping help locate and analyze region-wise markets and customers. They have become industry’s first choice because of their excellent cartographic illustrations and huge databank that bring the precise information of any geographical area throughout the United Kingdom. They facilitate geocoding of the administrative boundaries of each and every region which can serve the basis of a business’ growth and expansion across the UK. All digital maps produced by ProMap offer comprehensive coverage of the country’s regions, enabling organizations and individuals to carry out analyses of the geographical locations. Anyone who is in need of excellent geodata for the UK can visit their website for more details.

About ProMap

Promap is a service of Landmark Information Group, which is the UK’s leading supplier of digital mapping services. The company also deals in property and environmental risk information. The company has an unrivaled source of large scale current and historical digital maps together with high quality environmental risk and planning information. They provide high-quality maps and geodata to a number of customers in the UK and abroad.

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