18, January 2016:

Hello from Proficient City!

We recently launched our first Tower Defense game, Ork Buster. Its CBT started on xx xx and we are happy to announce that lots of Facebook players are loving the game! Facebook has even featured our game and is recommending it to other players.

Ork Buster

Ork Buster is a fantasy themed TOBA (Tower Defense Online Battle Arena) web game. It combines traditional Tower Defense and RPG elements like PVP.

The Multiplayer System is one of the most important features in Ork Buster. Players can join a 4-member team to challenge Checkpoints and fight against dreadful Bosses! The Hero Skills System offers multiple ways to upgrade your Hero by enhancing its Equipment, boosting its Stats and upgrading different Skills.

Some other features like PVP, Duel and PK can be used to train yourself and become more powerful. And joining a Guild will help you make friends and challenge team dungeons and Guild Battles.

To give you a better insight of Ork Buster, we interviewed one of the best players in the current game rankings, Mohamed Jerbi. We hope this will let you know more about Ork Buster!

Q: Hello, Mohamed! Can you tell us something about you and how you started playing Ork Buster?

A: Hi! It’s nice to meet you, too! I am from Tunisia, I am 17 years old and I’m majoring in Computer Science. I found out about Ork Buster on the Call of Roma forum and I thought: “Hey, it sounds pretty fun! Let’s try it.” My character, a Warrior, is now level 29. I’m really liking its CBT and looks like I did a pretty good job playing the game! Hahaha. You can find my name on the ranking board.

Q: Ork Buster is a pretty unique Tower Defense game. Have you ever played any Tower Defense games? What do you think of Ork Buster?

A: I’ve played some Tower Defense games like Vikings Gone Wild and War of Mercenaries. But Ork Buster is quite different compared with them. For example, there are a lot of multiplayer dungeons. Challenging dungeons with my friends was pretty fun and is not a common feature in other Tower Defense games. I like to play with my friends online, so Ork Buster is my best choice right now.

Q: Could you share some tips on how to boost your Battle Rating?

A: I think it’s a good idea to invite some friends since you can get better items in Team Dungeons. You can also make new friends in the game if you want, there is always players wanting to team up for Team Dungeons. Try to be online long enough to claim the online packs that are given every day. It really helps to make you stronger. And I also activated the VIP subscription, so I can get more rewards and boost my Battle Rating.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to make Ork Buster a better game?

A: I’m looking forward to check the functions and features that will be available after the open-beta test so we’ll see. And I really like the Duel system, where players can use Cards to fight against the enemy. But right now there is a huge gap between the Heroes’ Battle Ratings, and the Cards are not useful enough. I hope this will be improved in the next version of the game, it would be great if Duel became a more strategic battle feature in the future. It would also be great to have an Ork Buster forum to meet other players and leave there my suggestions and doubts.

Thank you for your feedback, Mohamed!

Ork Buster's got a lot of unique features, such as:

[Team Dungeon]
The Multiplayer System is one of the most important features of Ork Buster. Players can join a 4-member team to challenge Checkpoints and team up to fight against dreadful Bosses! Have you ever fought in teams in a Tower Defense game? In Ork Buster you can finally fight with your friends thanks to its unique multiplayer system. Team up to protect your the Forgotten Lands!

[Hero Strategy]
Ork Buster is the perfect mix of RPG and Tower Defense game that includes amazing battle features where you can develop different skill strategies. Ork Buster Team has created an innovative Hero Skills System. This system offers multiple ways to upgrade the Hero by enhancing Equipment, boosting Stats and upgrading the different Skills. Thanks to these strategy options you can make the game more interesting and reach the highest positions in the rankings.

[Duel PK PVP and Arena]
PVP and PK can be used as training methods in Ork Buster. This way the players can get familiar with the Tower Formation Mode and enhance the Hero’s Intensity. Humans have to train day and night to stop the Orks’ invasion! Duel will be available 2 times a day during 2 hours. At 12:00 and at 21:00. Prepare yourself! The stomping of the Ork troops can be heard from the distance... In Duel, the players can use Cards to defeat their opponents. Rewards and Honor will be distributed at the end of Duel according to the final ranking. In the Arena the players can test their Hero’s Battle Rating. Everyday there will be fierce battles among the players!

[Dark Territory Guild Battle]
Only if we fight together we will be able to defeat the terrible Orks. That’s why the Humans formed Guilds to train day and night. In this Guild event there are 4 different Territories which can be conquered by the different Guilds! The best Guilds will receive great Reward and maybe even Treasure Maps at the end of this event.

Ork Buster’s open beta will start on January the 12th. Join our open beta and discover this awesome Tower Defense Online Battle Arena game!

ORK Buster Official Website: http://www.orkbuster.com/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/orkbuster