United Kingdom, May 19, 2014: Human body is a matchless machine that has amazed scientists and philosophers alike for ages. Human body functions on set rules but is tremendously adaptive. However, yet is gets affected by diseases and disorders, most of which are minor but some turn a major issue. Urology deals with those parts and organs of body that can have life-changing impact on the person who ignores issues related to it. Dr Maneesh Ghei is a London urology consultant with doctorate degree in urological issues. He practises at Whittington Hospital as well as attends patients at 7 different locations in London and its suburbs.

Urology is a single term used to denote various diseases and disorders that are primarily related to urinary system in the human body. The term urinary system refers collectively to the functions and behaviour of organs that extract waste fluid from the body in the form of urine, store it and expel it from the body. Kidneys are the most significant organs in the urinary system and only a consultant urological surgeon like Maneesh Ghei can treat major diseases and disorders related to them. Some of the common conditions with urinary bladder are blood in urine, incontinence, bladder pain, bladder infection and overactive bladder.

People who face any kind of discomfort in urination or in their private parts should visit a urology clinic London at the earliest as it can prevent the condition from turning into a major disorder. In case of minor issues or irrelevant conditions, the consultants prescribe medicines for the treatment or refer to appropriate expert as deems better. People should not ignore any urinary concern also because it can have far-reaching effect, especially in case of men. Urinary system in men includes prostate and reproductive organs too. So, urology diseases or disorders can affect their reproduction capability consultation with a urologist in London is significantly important for them. Some common conditions include prostate enlargement, prostate inflammation, blockage in the urinary flow, prostate cancer testicular pain, testicular swelling, testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, penile cancer and foreskin problems. Major conditions that affect kidneys and are common to both males and females are kidney cancers, kidney tumours, kidney blockage, kidney infection and kidney stones.

Dr Maneesh Ghei has specialised in prostate gland, bladder, male reproductive organs, complex stones and minimally invasive urology or laparoscopy. He is not only a private urologist london and has fellowship and membership in a number of relevant organisations and groups. Besides, his website is loaded with useful information on various urological conditions and treatment.

About Maneesh Ghei:

Website: http://www.urology-consultant-london.com

Dr Maneesh Ghei is a consultant urological surgeon in the Department of Urology at Whittington Hospital in Archway, London. He visits 6 other clinics in the city and its suburbs too. He has fellowship (FRCS) and membership (MRCS) of the Royal College of Surgeons.