USA - Sunglasses should be the cool symbol of each fashionable man and woman in the summer day. However, the bad wearing habit for sunglasses will cause into the unhealthy condition of eyes of wearer. Now, as the responsibility to help each wearer get rid of the unhealthy eyes condition, the editor from famous Prescription Sunglasses and sunglasses online seller Glasseslit will tell people some good wearing habit for sunglasses.

First, if people do not always take part in all of these ordinary mountains climbing or do not have other special needs, they should be best not to wear sunglasses for a long period of time long as the functions of sunglasses could easily reduce the light protective function of people¡¯s eye. If people wear the Prescription Sunglasses for a long period of time and then take off their sunglasses, their eye will be damage by the suddenly increasing of lighting level from the outdoor environment.

Most of people could not only wear sunglasses for protection functions. They could also consider the decorative role of their Prescription Sunglasses. However, people cannot wear the sunglasses for a moment of beautiful appearance and forget the important of their own health condition . The eyes health should be the most crucial thing for each man.

Thirdly, there are a lot of people who do not want to take off their sunglasses when they enter into the rooms. Frankly speaking, this is not a good habit. The lights intensity of indoors environment is not very strong and then there is no need to wear sunglasses.

In a word, sunglasses should not be worn for a long time. If people have the obviously feeling for the eyes fatigue or they wear the sunglasses for about 30 minutes continuously, they should be best to take off their sunglasses and let their eye changing the viewing environment. This point is very crucial.

Fifthly, people who are over the age of 40 or people who have glaucoma are not suitable for wearing the Optical eyeglasses . Otherwise, their eyes condition will become more and more adversely.

Sixthly, these healthy preschoolers whose stereo vision has not yet become mature are not suitable for wearing these sunglasses especially more inferior red sunglasses now available on the market which could let these children¡¯s eyes have a lot of damage.

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