California, April 29, 2014: When people fail to repay their debts on time, they are often come across debt collection agencies that adopt harassing and illegal ways to force consumers for repaying the debt amount. People start receiving threatening calls and debt collectors can harass them in several manners. Now, California based Debt Collector Harassment Attorney, Robert Koenig and his law firm, come forward to help protect consumer rights. They are also offering free consultation to anyone who seeks professional help or guidance to restrain the debt collectors from harassing them.

Attorney Robert maintains that violations of consumer protection law are very common and every year millions of people have to face the illegal intimidation of the debt collector agencies, creditors, credit bureaus and others. “However, consumers enjoy certain legal rights, and they need to protect their rights, and lead a peaceful life, without subjected to any kind of threats or bullying, if they fail to repay their debts on time,” he states. According to him, their free legal consultation will create more awareness about the consumer protection laws, and people will come forward to exercise their rights.

They have an online form on their website, which one can use to get the free consultation from the legal experts of Koenig & Associates. The law firm enjoys years of experience in handling a number of cases where they help bring a legal respite to the people who have been subjected to illegal solicitation by debt collectors. Their initial consultation focuses on creating awareness about available consumer protection laws such as FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA and others that guarantee them certain legal rights.

The attorneys of the law firm believe that citizens must exercise their legal rights that the law of the land guarantees to them. They serve people from California, Colorado and Nevada regions, and assure them of professional legal service to end the trauma and distress that they might be facing from a debt collector. People can opt for a free consultation and can use the online form available on the website

About Koenig & Associates:

Headed by Robert Koenig, Koenig & Associates is a law firm dedicated to protecting the legal rights of the consumers and businesses. The firm provides free legal consultation to all those who want to protect themselves from abusive and illegal debt collection practices, sponsored by various debt collectors, creditors and others.

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