Finding an experienced jeweler that has the ability to create jewelry from child’s art isn’t easy. Some might think that creating custom jewelry inspired by children’s art isn’t worth the trouble. However, because children have such a free and wild imagination, some of the works of art created by them are not just original but also very intricate. Choosing to have some of the things our kids create transformed into jewelry is the best way preserve memories.


Children are probably one of the unending rivers of inspiration that we can use when it comes to creating something new and original. Any parent knows that children are like human dynamos, always doing something somewhere. Most of the time parents have trouble keeping their children from doing something wrong or something bad. The best way to make sure that children don’t do something bad is to have them focus their attention on something that seems at least just as interesting as what they were doing before. Creating a new piece of jewelry can certainly be something that will drag our child’s attention for hours.  However, when creating jewelry from child’s art we should always make sure that we work with a reputable Charlottesville jeweler that we can trust.


A professional and experienced jeweler will be able to tell us which materials we should use for creating jewelry from child’s art; depending on the difficulty of the design or the intended use of the item. It is obvious that bracelets and rings will be more exposed to wear and tear. Necklaces have fewer chances of getting scratched due to coming in contact with rough surfaces or objects. By applying a protective coating on jewelry that is exposed to wear and tear a professional Charlottesville jeweler can greatly increase their lifespan. Of course, we can always opt to create less valuable jewelry that we can wear every day, and create more elegant, sophisticated, and expensive pieces of jewelry for wearing on special occasions alone. We can also choose to use some of the old jewelry that we have around the house if we want to create high quality custom jewelry but we don’t want to spend that much money.


Even though we can let our children help us in designing new and original pieces of jewelry we shouldn’t make the mistake of letting them ware too many of them. Jewelry on a child can more often than not put the child in danger. Choosing to create jewelry for our children that’s made from materials that are not expensive can certainly decrease the chances for our child to be robbed. A Charlottesville jeweler will be able to tell us which non-expensive materials we can use in order to create a resistant and good looking piece of jewelry for our child to wear. Whether we want to create new pieces of jewelry inspired from our children’s works, or whether we would like to repair some of the old jewelry we have, making sure that we work with a professional jeweler can spare us of a lot of trouble.


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