Anaheim, California - When it comes to operating room and dental lighting, the less a light source is touched, the better. To avoid contamination but still provide the ultimate in flexible, mobile operating room equipment, Products for Medicine, located on the web at offers a full line of xenon light source and fiber optic headlights.

Fiber optic is often the material of choice for busy doctors and dentists because it provides the perfect solution to lighting needs for headlight, endoscopic and laproscopic procedures. The light provided by fiber optic is cleaner, easier to manage and gives a much better view of intricate procedures than traditional incandescent bulbs. Fiber optic lights also help doctors avoid the problems associated with heat from incandescent light sources, as fiber optic light is completely cool to the touch, making it perfect for on-the-body lighting choices such as headlamps.

While Products for Medicine is a primary supplier of the White Sun Xenon Light Source surgeon headlight line, the company is also known for its fiber optic cable parts, Xenon lamp modules, power supplies and replacement parts for every make and model of headlight / light source. Products for Medicine offers a complete spectrum of fiber optic tools and lighting supplies for medical professionals as well as a comprehensive repair facility.

From its vast supplies at the warehouse in Anaheim, California, Products for Medicine is able to offer surgeons, dentists and other medical professionals across the country the highest quality medical fiber optic cable parts. Fiber optic cable repair in Anaheim is also available. More information about Products for Medicine's full line of operating room equipment is available on the company's website at For more information about fiber optic lighting options, medical professionals can look on the Products for Medicine website at

Products for Medicine also offers an assortment of sterilization equipment, face shields, timers, modules and sockets of all types.

About Products for Medicine:

Since 1989, Products for Medicine has been manufacturing surgical headlights and xenon light sources for the medical and dental professional market. Housed in a 7,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California, Products for Medicine ships to every part of the country and around the world and offers convenient financing options.

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