Producer Edward Bass announced he will direct a documentary about the recent history of journalist executions like James Foley by beheading. Bass says, “It was significant that they used a British citizen to do the deed, and not one of their own. This was meant to issue a warning to the West to stop bombing them and get out of the Near East. It was also designed for the purpose of recruiting more western nationals”. He continues, “They are considered valuable because of their ease of movement without visas into and out of western countries. The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, is forming new legislation to combat this new home grown terror threat.

The fighter who appears to kill journalist James Foley had an English Accent, and is the latest in a string of international jihadis — Britons, Australians, Chechens, Chinese and Indonesians — to appear in propaganda for the Islamic State group. They want to give the appearance that they are everywhere to strengthen their image.”

Some of the historical information revealed in the documentary includes the fact the man who beheaded Daniel Pearl 10 years ago was himself killed in an air attack. Bass has also interviewed notable journalists who served in war-torn countries for their first-hand experiences. Other victims' stories are revealed including Hadas Fogel, the youngest one at 3 months, who was a decapitated victim of Palestinian terrorists, and Yevgeny Rodionov beheaded by Chechens for refusing to convert to Islam.

Bass is also interviewing noted authorities around the world for the documentary.“They like to suggest they have a presence around the world much stronger than it is,” says Charlie Cooper, a researcher at the Quilliam Foundation, a British counter-extremism think tank. “It does suggest that people all over the world are going off to fight in the tens of thousands.”

Expounding further, Bass says “10 years ago we saw the same thing happen to Daniel Pearl. His killer was himself killed in an air attack. Pearl was forced to denounce the policies of the West before he was killed. That time it had extra value because he was a Jew and an American. Hadas Fogel, the youngest one at 3 months, was a decapitated victim of Palestinian terrorists. Yevgeny Rodionov was beheaded by Chechens for refusing to convert to Islam.”

Bass concludes, ”This is all not really new. It seems that ISIS is using terror and fear to control the people in the towns they conquer as did 100s of dictators in history. Who quickly comes to mind is Vlad the Impaler of Transylvania, who impaled hundreds of live victims on spikes. When an enemy approached, it is said, they turned back and retreated out of dire fear that the same thing would happen to them. He eventually was imprisoned and died in his small cell. It is said he even enjoyed killing the rats that came by to visit.”


Edward Bass is a Golden-Globe nominated film Producer. He has worked alongside such producers as Sir Anthony Hopkis, James Franco, Guillermo Del Toro, Stanley Kramer and Kevin Spacey.

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