Whether it is pool plaster, removal of render or even graffiti, Pro Blast Melbourne is equipped with all the right tools to effectively take them off without creating any kind of dust particles with the help of its new and modern dustless blasting system, which is also perfectly safe for the environment.

June 12th 2015 — Pro Blast Melbourne firmly believes in the idea that their customers must get more superior quality services at a faster pace, which will not only help them get their work done quicker but at the same time, will also help them save a good chunk of their money. Keeping this in mind, they have devised an ingenious method to get rid of rust, pool paint and graffiti by using their unmatchable dustless mobile sandblasting in Melbourne.

Imported from the USA, the sandblasting mechanism works in a way that pulverizes the coatings with the aid of vapor. All this happens in the absence of any airborne particles, keeping the environment safe and making it absolutely eco — friendly to use.

The mobile sandblasting is undoubtedly the cleanest way to get rid of any kind of undesirable paint or rust particles. Secondary contamination likely to arise is never embedded into the surface and neither does the dust cling on to the environment. It has absolutely no airborne presence making it completely clean and safe to use.

Pro Blast, as the name suggests, has always managed to deliver the results irrespective of the kind of paint that has been used. Therefore, whether one wishes to get rid of simple paints or its thermoplastic counterparts and even the thick 60 mil nonskid, Pro Blast Melbourne, using its vapor abrasive blasting technique, makes it possible at a fraction of the time.

The time to set up the machines and undertake the procedures is extremely less and therefore, one can be assured that the sandblasting would take minimal time with maximum effect. Not only does this help to get the problem solved quicker, it also helps save money, making the dustless mobile sandblasting in Melbourne extremely cost effective.

In addition to the removal services, they provide additional ones of applying primer and paints.

To get more information on the kind of services that Pro Blast Melbourne undertakes, visit: http://www.problastmelbourne.com.au