“Renowned social media marketing service, Automated Social Networking (ASN), announces a brand new opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to flip-a-switch and have their social media, SEO, and internet marketing service. The company has recently opened their white label reseller program to the public. “

The Automated Social Networking service has just announced an exclusive opportunity for self motivated professionals eager to create a new 5 figure per month passive revenue stream. With the public launch of the white label social media reseller and partner program, entrepreneurs can leverage ASN’s unique, proprietary, turn-key service and “own” their own social media marketing company without having to do any of the work. Up until now, the white label offer was by private invitation only. However, the service just recently became available to all.

ASN has become one of the most trusted names in the social media and local search marketing arena. They offer comprehensive internet marketing, SEO and social networking done for clients each month, the ability to get a businesses message in front of the right potential customers, measurable and dramatic increases website traffic monitored by Google Analytics, and substantial improvements in Google rankings for targeted keywords. ASN also provides increased local (or global) exposure, maximum market penetration, a steady flow of new clients from the internet, and saves time / hassle of doing the work alone.

From his office in Atlanta, ASN co-founder Dr. Matthew Loop said, “This is an unprecedented opportunity for those that want a reliable and seamless social media marketing solution for their clients while being able to generate an additional five figures this year. It’s also for motivated people that are wanting to start their own business without having to spend years figuring-out all of the sophisticated systems involved with successful internet marketing. We do the hard work and the white label partner gets to brand their company. We’re simply the engine behind the scenes.”

Co-founder Dr. Len Schwartz also commented, “VIP white label partners get access to the industry famous “50 Clients in 50 Days” presentation, their own personal success manager with monthly calls, a website built to attract qualified leads, a mobile page, a new domain name with hosting, the opportunity to have their own turn-key marketing service for their brand, and a package that includes a step-by-step system for attracting business owner clients in any city and offering them valuable deliverables for free.”

There is an application to be a white label partner and acceptance is not guaranteed. A word of caution, though. The program is not for beginner internet marketers or get rich quick minded people. It is for self-motivated business owners who are resourceful, fast to implement, and have experience making money online. It’s also for individuals that like the idea of having ASN’s full service staff serve their clients, while it doesn’t cost them a dime.

Those serious about delivering a high-quality, multi-layered, comprehensive online marketing service to their clients can visit this link http://automatedsocialnetworking.com/white-label-resellers-social-media/

Additional questions should be directed to [email protected] by calling 1-866-822-7246