HOUSTON, 15, April 2016: PrimeroEdge, the leader in school nutrition software, has announced the launch of a mobile inventory product called IntelliScan. This new mobile module promises a more efficient inventory management process, allowing school nutrition professionals to save time and effort by scanning items and orders directly from a handheld device.

"Taking inventory on paper can be a very time-consuming process," explains Jon Andrews, Product Owner at PrimeroEdge. "This new app shortens that process, and greatly reduces the possibility of human error. Almost every other industry utilizes some sort of scanning of inventory items, but that solution has not been available in the school nutrition industry - until now."

IntelliScan works as an add-on to PrimeroEdge Inventory. The app eliminates many of the manual tasks that currently must be performed on paper then entered into the system. Tasks such as receiving and physical inventory take up a large amount of time, and there is still a high chance of human error. IntelliScan allows users to scan items instantaneously into the system with a mobile device - eliminating the manual intermediate steps.

The app's sleek and simplistic design mirrors that of the Web-based Inventory module and maintains a simple and efficient inventory process. IntelliScan instantaneously syncs any updates made to the program's inventory database. IntelliScan allows certain processes to even be completed in storage areas or receiving docks without a WiFi connection. Data is saved to the main database when a network connection is re-established.

"We are always seeking new solutions to challenges that school nutrition professionals face in their daily operations," states Gordon Rereddy, Director, Solution Sales at PrimeroEdge. "Through the release of IntelliScan, we are excited to bring increased efficiency in inventory management to schools across the country. We expect that IntelliScan will become the norm for School Nutrition Software and that all schools will begin utilizing this technology in the future."

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