United States; 19, September 2014: The badge creation trend with name or quote imprints has evolved since the Presto group came into play. The identification of employees with a name tag is an old trend accustomed by many. Their badges are unique and self styled as per customer selection. The company is in this field for a long time with high productivity and customer service. The Presto team excels in making name tags for any generation regardless of its purpose. The company has a long list of followers who prefer their simple and sweet products. 

The company excels with their professional policies. Their products can be viewed and the buyers can get a free demo on how their name implants feature on the tags. The demo can be utilized from their website www.prestobadges.com . Moreover the company stands out in their product mechanism which satisfies the customers. The company renders their services at low cost with specified guarantee on all products. They also give out discounts and coupons on selected products. 

The presto company also creates HD badges for companies with no limited purchase schemes. Their products are of genuine quality that their buyers like for years. Their service team work day and night and they are awaiting customers at any given period of the day week month or year. The name badges they make can be replaced if the customer is not happy with the product. Their products come with instant money back policies if the buyers are not satisfied. Customers can also avail their instant chat services available on the website. 

The company has special offers on bulk products as a purchase of excess $50 results in 2 day free shipping. Their shipment packages are safe and well tracked by their logistics partners. Customers also get prior notifications of the delivery time as they provide their shipment in a day. The presto team also has outlets and sub shops in various locations. Their creative team takes extra care in etching out the names on the badges with skill and precision. 

The buyers just have to choose a badge model and decide the name they want to be printed. The badge artists then get along with their work with few quick steps. It is an instant service procedure with no hidden gimmicks or conditions. The free preview option which they offer is very helpful for the buyers as they get a clear visual on how their product will look after the final design. 

About PrestoBadges: 

Website: http://www.prestobadges.com/ 

PrestoBadges is a leading chain in customizing name tags and badges for consumers of formal and informal genre. They provide door to door delivery in 1 day and bulk delivery within 2 days. For placing an order their website www.prestobadges.com can be visited. 

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Phone NO: 1-844-237-5071
Website: http://www.prestobadges.com/